Smart Hydrogel

Smart hydrogels, which was synthesized through redox polymerization technique from DMAAm, gelatin, CA and plant/herby extract, was a biocompatible polymer, which indicates non-toxic components and safety indicators for a food ingredient. Packaging including plant/herby extract is innovative concepts in smart food packaging to prolong the shelf-life of food the quality safe. The goal of these projects was to shows the potential of using bio-based smart hydrogel based on that permitted a significant increase in food quality and shelf life.  The smart hydrogels gave the best and cheap results for the determination of the food spoiling. It is thought that smart hydrogels can be very effective in terms of anthocyanin, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and safe as food packaging materials. While the packaging manufacturers are working on keeping the food fresh for longer, consumers want to see the freshness of the food without opening the package. This project shows that both can be possible with smart hydrogels.